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Powder Particles Analysis Slap Type Sieve Shaker

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The slap screen is applied for ordinary abrasive strength testing, superhard material production grading and particle size inspection. Its used for accurate screening, filtration and detection of granular and powdery materials’ particle size structure, solids content in liquids and amount of sundries. It is widely used in scientific research and production, laboratories and quality inspection rooms in geology, cement, metallurgy, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, national defense and other departments. The slap screen ( slap-type standard vibrating screen machine ) is divided into products with various characteristics. Its suitable for general abrasive particle size composition inspection, superhard material production grading and material size composition inspection such as: grinding powder, silicon powder, grass carbon particles, aluminum hydroxide, ore, coal, abrasive, quartz sand, sand, activated carbon, tungsten powder, polypropylene, glaze, soil, diamond and other materials.

It has the advantages of low noise, standard sieve body, sieving and high efficiency & high precision of filtering samples.

The working principle of the slap screen


The slapping screen motor drives the gear to the main shaft through the synchronous belt . After the gear change, the main shaft rotates at the required speed. The main shaft drives the eccentric wheel to make the slide plate reciprocate, and drives the test screen installed in the slide plate tray to shake left and right. At the same time, the main shaft drives The ejector gear rotates, and after shifting, the ejector gear push the ejector through the cam. The top rod makes the beater slap the upper cover of the test sieve up and down, so that the materials in the test sieve and the sample sieve reciprocate and vibrate up and down, making the material particles smaller than the mesh hole of the test sieve sieved into the lower layer. In this way, screening is achieved layer by layer. Therefore , only materials with the same particle size are left in each layer of test sieves , so as to complete the material sorting.



1. Two-dimensional motion with clogging: horizontal circular motion and vertical slapping motion to prevent the material from getting stuck in the sieve hole, and feeding faster and more smoothly.

2. Features a 99-minute digital timer with an error of 0.1-second, enabling consistent, and repeatable results that are more repeatable than manual sieving.

3. It can accommodate 1 to 8 sieves (including sieve bottoms), and can continuously sort a sample with 7 different particle size segments.

4. The synchronous belt is driven by gears, and the speed ratio is effective, so that the screening movement at the same time every time is consistent.

5. Strong stability; the gear-driven "synchronous belt" transmission mode is adopted, and the transmission is accurate and consistent; the speed ratio is accurate, and there will be no speed drop or belt slip phenomenon. The equipment is equipped with a digital display timer. After setting the time It will automatically stop at that time.

6. The maintenance cost is low; because the "synchronous belt" is used between the two gears to connect the gears, the gears will not wear out and have a longer service life (you only need to replace the "synchronous belt" for maintenance). The eccentric wheel adopts an integral method, which is convenient and accurate to install. Bearings used are standard parts, which are not easy to wear, low cost and easy to replace.

7. The screening efficiency is high; the screening method has three kinds of motions: round-trip, swing and vibration, which will not block the screen surface, and the material will be quickly screened.

8. The machine has small size and is clean and easy to operate; each function can be operated independently on the operation panel.

Test Machine Preparation For Slap Screen

Installation of screen frame: Position the test screen on the tray adjusting it to a position that is convenient for loading and unloading, and tighten the screw under the screw rod.

Lubrication: There are two kinds of lubrication: manual lubrication and automatic lubrication. Generally, there are 4 oil filling holes on the upper part of the body, which are used for manual oil filling at regular intervals to lubricate the friction parts. Automatic lubrication means that after injecting a certain height of lubricating oil into the machine base, when the rotating shaft rotates, the oil ring automatically sends the lubricating oil to each position that needs to be lubricated.

Test machine connected to the power supply: When debugging the power supply, lift the top rod under the slapping block before turning on the power supply. The ejector rod can be lowered only when the direction of the motor is the same as that of the red arrow on the motor. The slap screen is generally installed with anchor bolts, and the circuit and grounding are installed according to the electrical regulations.

How to use the slap screen

1. The rotation direction of the motor must be rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow (three-phase motor) (the cam, which is used to push the ejector rod, may get stuck and can’t rotate, if the direction is opposite).

The method of checking the rotation direction of the motor: lift the ejector rod before starting the machine, and then start the machine again and check the rotation direction of the motor. Make sure the direction is correct and then use it normally.

2. The equipment must be fixed before operation. It is fixed with anchor screws, and expansion screws can be used to fix the equipment on the concrete floor.

3. Install the test sieve: Loosen the fastening screws of the tray, move the tray down, mount the test sieve (sample sieve, standard sieve) loaded with materials, then lift the tray to a suitable position, tighten the fastening screws, and cover the flip cover , after putting down the hammer iron, set the time to start the machine. With 100 and 75 fixtures, the corresponding size sieves can be used, and special sizes can be customized.

4. The equipment is equipped with a timing device, the user can adjust the use time, and it will automatically stop when it is turned on. The first two digits of the adjustment time are minutes, and the last two digits are seconds. Users can adjust the running time according to their needs.

5. The slap height of the equipment is adjusted before leaving the factory. The user can also loosen the fastening nut if necessary. After adjusting the thread of the ejector head to raise or lower to an appropriate position, tighten the nut.

6. Up and down skateboards, refueling nozzles, etc. should be refueled regularly.

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