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Shanghai Trenfull Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Trenfull is an enterprise specializing in powder screening equipment, vacuum conveyor equipment, mixing equipment, and automation overall solutions. With reliable quality and advanced technology, our products enjoy good reputation among domestic and foreign clients.

Our products include: ultrasonic system equipment, three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen, linear screen, swing screen, straight screen, 450 filter screen, test screen, etc.; vacuum conveying equipment: electric vacuum feeding machine, pneumatic vacuum feeding Mixing equipment: double-cone mixer, V-type mixer, three-dimensional mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, single-cone twin-screw mixer, etc.

Since its establishment, Trenfull aims to become a leader in the field of material processing, with market-oriented guidline and the enterprise spirit of "Exploration, Innovation & Value-creation". Performing in strict accordance with the standard of ISO9001 quality management system, and continuously strengthening the scientific and technological innovation, the company has officially become a scientific research cooperative enterprise of Jiaotong University, which owns strong scientific research force on vibration, impact and noise! With strong technical force and rich experiences in the industry, we are committed to provide you professional service from consultation to after-sales maintenance. 

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Why Trenfull?

1. Strong technical force

The processing facility needs to be designed according to the actual production needs of the user! During the production process, our design team need to optimize the components and ensure that the equipment meets the production needs. Attaching great importance to the development and innovation of technology, Trenfull boasts a reliable technical team with rich experiences and professional skill.

2: Advanced technology

While conventional processing equipments were mainly produced with artificial processes, like manual cutting, manual bending, and manual welding, Trenfull is adopting advanced equipment such as automatic cutting machines and automatic bending machines to ensure the accuracy of each component of the equipment, and to meet the clients' higher requirement of the appearances and performance of the facility.

3. Reliable service

During the using process, potetial mechanical failure may be caused by improper operation or equipment problems. In this case, a perfect after-sales service team is essential! Trenfull has set up an after-sales team to provide users with technical support after the equipment put into service! For overseas clients, we can also provide remote technical support via video conference or video call. Of course, site service is also available according to the client's requirement and contract terms.


  • -2011-

    In 2011, the chairman led a group of like-minded friends to set up the company.

  • -2012-

    In 2012, through joint efforts, a new workshop was established.

  • -2013-

    In 2013, it entered the field of screening and conveying, and established several departments.

  • -2014-

    In 2014, large-scale production officially started.

  • -2015-

    In 2015, automatic production equipment was gradually introduced.

  • -2016-

    In 2016, the factory area was 5,000 square meters, with more than 10 high-tech talents, more than 30 front-line production employees, and more than 10 after-sales teams, providing one-stop solutions.

  • -2017-

    In 2017, it has an intelligent production workshop, large-scale production, 3-day delivery, and guaranteed delivery time.

  • -2018-

    Since 2018, we have been on the road, constantly expanding production and expanding our team. The company has a strong R&D team, which is constantly doing research and development for difficult problems in the industry to solve more problems of customers. Products are sold at home and abroad, with CE, ISO9001 quality system certification, various patents and other qualifications. Has a professional after-sales service team and strong after-sales guarantee.