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What are the advantages and structural features of the 3D mixer?

3D mixer
The three-dimensional mixer has many advantages and high mixing efficiency. Compared with the traditional mixer, the three-dimensional mixer has obvious advantages and has made great technical improvements。Use three-dimensional space for unique translation, rotation and rock movement. The following section will introduce the advantages and structural characteristics of the 3D mixer.                                                 

Features of 3D mixer:
①Due to the multi-directional movement of the bucket, the material movement in the bucket is diversified and the mixing uniformity is high. The mixing uniformity is higher than that of ordinary mixers.
②The loading capacity of the three-dimensional mixer is twice that of the general mixer, which can reach 80%;
③The bucket design of the three-dimensional mixer is unique. The inner wall of the machine body is precisely polished, free of dead corners, and does not pollute materials. When discharging, the materials are discharged smoothly under their own weight, leaving no residual materials. The discharge is convenient, free of material accumulation, and easy to clean;
④Small size, simple structure and small floor area;
⑤The materials are mixed in a closed state, which will not pollute the working environment;
⑥Low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, freely adjustable position, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life;

Structural features:
一、charging barrel
The charging barrel is made of high-quality 304, 316 and other stainless steel, and its inner and outer walls are polished. The charging barrel is glossy, free of dead corners, residue and easy to clean. The charging barrel can be opened at the maximum diameter. The hinge structure is adopted at the connection. Opening the charging barrel door is easy, simple and convenient for cleaning. The feed inlet is sealed with a clamp flange, which is convenient for operation, good sealing and convenient for discharging. The discharging modes are divided into manual, electric and pneumatic. The butterfly valve for discharging is a butterfly valve with the unique design of our factory, which has good sealing, convenient discharging and no residue.
二、engine base
The machine base is made of section steel, and the stainless steel mirror panel is used as the outer shell. The frame structure is reasonable and can effectively stabilize the whole machine. It fully meets the GMP requirements of drug production.
三、driving system
It is composed of motor, rotation deceleration system, frequency converter and control system. Transmission and deceleration system, simple design, stable and reliable transmission. The control system adopts digital display time relay, and the mixing time is set according to the material mixing requirements.
四、3D kinematic mechanism
The charging barrel can perform complex rotation, translation and rock movement in three-dimensional space. The unique design of the machine makes the mixer more flexible, portable, and more convenient for debugging and maintenance.

Post time: Nov-12-2022