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What Is The Difference Between Trommel And Vibrating Screen? Circular Vibrating Screen Working Principle

A trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen or drum screen, is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials by size. It consists of a cylindrical drum that rotates and allows finer materials to pass through while larger materials are retained and discharged separately. 

On the other hand, a vibrating screen is a machine that uses vibration to separate and classify different sizes of particles. It consists of a vibrating motor that causes the screen surface to vibrate, allowing smaller particles to fall through the screen while larger particles are retained.


The main differences between trommel screens and vibrating screens are:

Design and Structure: Trommel screens are cylindrical in shape and have a perforated drum with openings of various sizes. Vibrating screens, on the other hand, can have various designs, including horizontal, inclined, or circular motion with different screen panel configurations.

Operation: Trommel screens rely on the rotation of the drum to separate materials. Material is fed into the drum and carried along by its rotation. On the other hand, vibrating screens use the vibratory motion generated by the vibrating motor to separate materials.

Efficiency and Capacity: Trommel screens are generally more efficient at separating larger materials and have a high capacity for processing bulky materials. Vibrating screens, on the other hand, are more efficient at separating smaller particles and have a higher screening capacity for finer materials.

Application: Trommel screens are commonly used for screening and sorting materials in industries such as mining, construction, and waste management. Circular vibrating screens are used in a variety of industries, including mining, aggregate processing, recycling, and chemical manufacturing.


The circular vibrating screen operates using indirect excitation of the screen mesh. The screen box uses the principle of the ring shaft vibration exciter to achieve the vibrating motion generated by the centrifugal force of the rotating eccentric block on the vibration exciter.

The vibrating screen works by using the motor to drive the eccentric block of the exciter to rotate at a high speed, generating centrifugal force that causes the screen box to vibrate. The vibrating motion is circular, and the screen surface is tilted slightly to facilitate the transportation of the material.

As the material is fed onto the screen surface, it moves in a spiral pattern due to the inclination and vibration of the screen. The larger particles are thrown to the outer edge of the screen surface and are discharged through the outlet, while the smaller particles pass through the screen mesh and are discharged through the lower outlet.

The circular vibrating screen has advantages such as high efficiency, low noise, and adjustable amplitude. It is widely used in mining, construction, chemical, metallurgy, and other industries for screening and grading various materials.

Post time: Jul-18-2023