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What Fields Can The Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen with Gas Protection Be Used In?

The ultrasonic vibrating screen with Gas Protection is a high-precision fine powder screening machine with low noise and high efficiency. It only takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen quickly. It has a fully enclosed structure and is suitable for screening and filtering materials such as particles, powder, and mucus. The inert gas protection vibrating screen uses a straight explosion-proof vertical motor as the excitation source, and eccentric weights are installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor to convert the rotational motion of the explosion-proof motor into a three-dimensional motion of vertical, horizontal, and inclined. The movement is transferred to the screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the movement track of the material on the screen surface. Receiving huge ultrasonic acceleration, ultra-fine powder on the screen surface is always kept in a suspended state, thereby inhibiting the blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, flat drop, wedging, etc., thus solving the problem of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, and high static electricity, high fineness, high density, light specific gravity and other screening problems, making it no longer difficult to sieve ultra-fine powder. The machine especially suitable for users of high-quality and fine powder.

Features of ultrasonic vibrating screen with gas protection:
1.While achieving high-precision and high-mesh screening, it can control a narrow particle size range;
2.It can be used in single-layer and multi-layer, and a set of intelligent ultrasonic generators can be used for three transducers at the same time.
3.Self-cleaning function of the screen: greater than 500 mesh screening, no mesh blockage, no screening efficiency attenuation;
4.Really solve the problem of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high fineness, high density ,screening problems such as light specific gravity;
5.Ensure that the characteristics of the processed materials remain unchanged;
6.The screening accuracy can be increased by 1-70%, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.

Application Scope:
This equipment can be used for screening of silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, powder coating, quartz powder, diced rice Ketone powder, malt powder, ribavirin, coffee powder, electromagnetic powder, negative electrode material, laser powder and other materials with mesh size of 400, 500, 600.

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Post time: Dec-03-2022