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Combined feeding station for ton bags

Short Description:

Overview: It is mainly used for unpacking of powder and granular materials in ton bags. Its environmentally friendly, dust removing and air-tight. The machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate; its friendly for both the environment and the operator; Integrated design of unpacking, slapping, breaking, magnetic separation, metering and conveying.
Features: Compact structure, easy operation; (optional) closed bag opening, preventing dust from flying, improving the working environment and reducing production costs.
Applicable materials: Powder, pellets, powder mixture, small flakes, etc.
Applicable industries: Food, Medicine, Daily Chemicals, Chemical Industry, Material Type: Powder, etc.

Working Principle

The ton bag unpacking machine is composed of a frame, an unpacking hopper, an electric hoist, a dust collector, a rotary feeding valve (this valve is set according to the requirements of the subsequent process), etc.

The electric hoist is fixed on the beam of the top frame, and can also be fixed on the floor;

The ton bag is hoisted by the electric hoist to the top of the hopper, the mouth of the bag extends into the inlet of the hopper, and then the bag valve is closed tightly, the bag tie rope is untied, and the bag valve is slowly opened, and the material in the bag flows into the hopper smoothly; the material is discharged through the hopper to the rotary valve at the lower part, and enters the bottom pipeline. The compressed gas from the factory can pneumatically transport the material to the destination to complete the unpacking and transportation work (if no transportation is required, this valve can be omitted). For fine powder materials, this set of equipment can be built-in or externally connected to a dust collector (see the picture above), so as to filter out the dust generated during the dumping process, and discharge the clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere, so that workers can work easily in a clean environment. If it is clean granular material with less dust content, installing a polyester filter element at the exhaust port can achieve the purpose of dust removal without a dust collector;

The overall height can be controlled between 2-5 meters to meet the floor height requirements; if the electric hoist is fixed on the frame, the floor above will not need to bear this load; the bottom of the unpacking machine is fixed with anchor bolts, and no pre-embedded parts is required; For unpacking equipment of over 5 m high, pre-embedded parts are required to increase its firmness) When there are many unpacking machines, they can also be placed side by side, which is convenient for the centralized management and planning of the factory.


● The unpacking machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate;

● Friendly for both the environment and the operator;

● Integrated design of unpacking, slapping, crushing, magnetic separation, metering and conveying,. Compact structure and easy operation;


● Closed unpacking, prevent dust from flying, improving working environment and reducing production cost;

● Applicable materials: powder, pellets, powder mixture, small flakes, etc.

● Applicable industries: food, medicine, daily chemical, chemical industry; material type: powder, etc.

Outlet of the equipment can be connected to: rotary unloading valve, disc valve, flapper valve, vacuum feeder, screw conveyor, pipe chain conveyor, manual feeding station, proportioning metering equipment, hopper, silo, pneumatic conveying system etc.

How to use the ton bale unpacking machine

1. Use manual or electric hoists to lift the ton bales that need to be processed and place them in a position that can be conveniently processed;

2. The mechanical valve in the bag clamper is opened, and the bag clamper is directly raised;

3. Press down the bag clamping plate, and after the bag mouth is compressed, the dust will not leak;

4. If the material inside the ton bale is only 1/3 during operation, the control valve on the beating device must be opened in time, pushing the material around the ton bale to the middle position to ensure that the material enters the feeding hopper and that there is no residual materials in the ton bale;

5. After unloading the whole bag of materials, first of all, it is necessary to tighten the discharge port, and then use the bag clamper to slowly raise the pressure plate, and directly remove the ton bale. The actual operation process is relatively simple and convenient.

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